Sunday, October 2, 2011

General Conference!

Every six months I eagerly anticipate hearing from the general leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Church leaders speak to the over 13 million members of the church world-wide, and to anyone else who desires to tune in. Over 2 days there are 5 sessions of the conference. I participated in 4 of them. That is 8 hours of church in 2 days. There are very few weekends in my year that can compete with conference weekends. Church leaders are not given topics to speak on, they pray and prepare what they think the Lord would have them say. It is incredible to see how patterns develop in what they present. I find every conference that there are several talks that I am sure were written just for me. This year they were; Elder Cook's talk on "looking up" and having hope in the face of adversity, Elder Uchtdorf's talk on enjoying the blessings we have now and remembering that we are not forgotten of the Lord, and Elder Cornish who spoke about how the Lord is wants to be involved in the tiniest details of our lives and is ready and willing to bless us in those details if we will be true and are willing to ask.

Each conference I learn something that makes me want to be a better person, a better disciple of Christ. I am grateful for him and for the sacrifices he made for me. I am thankful for his atonement, knowing that through Christ, I have the ability to grow, to improve, and to leave behind everything that holds me back. I am thankful for this wonderful weekend and for my renewed resolution to do a little better. I am already anticipating April conference...

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