Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Post Burn Out Fun

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't posted for a while. And maybe you also noticed that my last little post was a sad cry of burn out.

It was a Tuesday night when the burn out climaxed. Work had invaded my life at a level that was way beyond acceptable. I decided that I had to take a stand and reclaim my life, so I went out every night for the rest of the week and partied like crazy. It is possible that this week included a 6:00am bedtime one morning. Hence, I was away from my blogging desk for a while. I return now. Here are the highlights of my time away:

The first night out had been planned for a while. I took my little sister to go see the Ten Out of Tenn concert. There were ten up and coming artist that performed who are all based out of Tennessee. We are big Erin McCarley fans and were mostly there to see her, but ended up loving everyone that we heard.

Listen to the music playing on my blog as you are reading this to get a taste of what we heard.

The show was at Kilby Court. It is a tiny venue in Salt Lake that basically simulates the garage band experience. Em and I were in the front row and we both felt like we were just chillin with ten of our very best and very talented friends. They all took turns singing and backing each other up. I wish that more concerts were like this.

After the show all of the artists came out and had s'mores with the concert-goers. Thanks to Kilby Court for having a fire pit in their courtyard.

The next day my friend Vanessa and I went to the free Ficiontist fan love concert. To show their fan love, the band had bought all the tickets for their show and let the fans in for free. Stellar. Fictionist used to be called Good Morning Maxfield, and Stuart Maxfield just happens to be one of my very favorite district leaders from my mission. If you are in the mood to be blown away by a band full of people who are basically too talented to be human, check them out at their website.

After two nights of crazy concerts, it was time to dance. Vanessa is friends with the entire world and, of course, that world happens to be inhabited by DJs who throw crazy dance parties. This was the night that we didn't get home until 6:00am. I don't think I have done that since I was 15. Pretty sure it threw me off for about 3 days. I am officially an old lady.

But, luckily enough, the next two days were conference. I just sat around and soaked in all of the General Conference goodness.

These weeks have been a blast. My little sister got engaged, I spent a blissful week alone in my apartment while my roommates were taking on the Windy City, I have had several mini-reunions with old friends, and a slightly larger reunion with my brother after an 6 month separation. And it doesn't stop there!

I got to go to the Brandi Carlile concert!

Anyone who knows me well knows that Brandi and I go a long way back. I have been waiting for a long time for here to come in concert and you had better believe that when she did I was first in line to go! Well, I was actually 3rd in line, but whatever. My dear roommate Lindsay also came and we were front row all the way!

It is possible that Lindsay fell just a teensy, tinsy bit in love with the cellist.

The concert was UNBELIEVABLE. It was pretty much everything I had hoped for. And they filmed it. If you ever got your hand a copy, I am the freak on the front row. And now, after all this fun, I am a new person. So, save me from more burn out and let's have fun. Yes?