Monday, December 21, 2009

More Merry Scary Christmas

Here is a local Christmas tradition that freaks me out. This is the University Mall Santa Claus.

I do not want to defame Santa Clause on the world wide web, but this guy is super creepy. I think it is because he wears a holiday shirt and suspenders instead of a Santa suit. It makes him look lazy, and very unlike Santa. I would not want to take my kids to see an old man who doesn't look like Santa. (Please read any uncomfortable thoughts into that last sentence, because that is how I feel.)

Goo, University Mall. Goo.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Burberry Theif

I got a call from my credit card company last night. I didn't get the voice mail until 4 hours after they had called. All I heard was, "...account ending in 6***. Validate charges. $65.01. Charge described as, 'shoe store'". Shoes? I hadn't bought any shoes! I called the company and told them that I did not, in fact, recognize these charges. The lady started to read back the last few charges on my card.

Famous Footwear $65.01
Walmart $15.64
Burberry $161.72

Burberry?! Burberry?! I told her that I wished the Burberry charge was mine, but it was not. The Walmart charge was mine. Walmart. I felt ripped off and a great deal like a loser. Why wasn't I shopping at Burberry? Oh, yeah, becuase I can't afford it. This realization brought to mind another thought prokvoking realization. Apparently the person who stole my card didn't think I could afford it either. I think that it must be hard work to find something at Burberry that was only $161.72. So, I guess I appreciate that they didn't go hog wild with my card. A sensible purchase at Burberry and a sensible attempted purchase at Famous Footwear. ( P.S. How you would go from the one to the other is beyond me. If you are going to use my card, please use it with some class!) Anyway, my account is closed. Someone got a fancy present from Burberry and I got a new credit account, all will be well this Christmas. Chase is sending me another card that will get here tomorrow.

And, in the end, I am grateful for Walmart, even though it doesn't look like much when it is standing next to Burberry. It was my white elephant purchases made here at Walmart in Orem, UT, that tipped my credit card company off and we were able to stop the crazy Jennica's-money-shopping-spree in California.

Thanks Chase Bank, thanks Walmart and Merry Christmas to the Burberry Theif!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Lou!

My baby sister is going to be 17 in just three short days. I decided to help her celebrate a bit early and got us tickets for the Ten Out of Tenn Christmas tour. Emily and I went to their concert in April and we loved them! Em's best friend Madi came along and so did Mom. The concert was at Kilby Court in SLC. We love the venue because it is VERY small and VERY intimate. It feels like a neighborhood garage band concert with your besties. Even though there were some sound problems, we had a great time and got to hear some awesome new music. Emily and I felt like we were seeing old friends. (We have now seen 2 of the artists from the crew 3 different times) On the way home we stopped by Hatch Family Chocolates and got some hot chocolates to share. If you have not had Hatch Family hot chocolate, you need to drop what ever you are doing this very instant and go get some. It tastes like melted candy bars, like the kind of hot chocolate they would serve on the Polar Express. It was a great night, and even though Lou is getting old, I am glad that she is not too old to hang out with her crazy older sister and her mom!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Scary Christmas!

The grinch freaks me out. The old school, well beloved, holiday special. Like, I-can't-watch-the-silly-show-by-myself, freaks me out. I understand that to many people it is an annual tradition, a classic that helps families ring in the holiday with Christmas cheer, but to me, it is sheer terror. It is a frightening, chaotic, vomit-colored catastrophe. Every year, I try to stomach it. Every year, I try to believe that I am stronger and can enjoy this classic cartoon just like everyone else. Every year, I fail.

So, this year, I am just going to own it. I hate the grinch. I will not watch it on tv, I will not watch it, I decree! I do not like it, not the least. I do not like grinch or roast beast!