Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Running Dirty

 Last Saturday I finally got to run in the Dirty Dash! I don't know why running through the mud is so blasted appealing, but we were pretty stoked to participate. Kate, Steve, and I were all 100% committed to getting as dirty as we could, and if I do say so myself (and I do), we got good and filthy. We ran the 10k and finished in a more than respectable time, considering we demolished the obstacles and took several little breaks to push each other into the muddiest mud we could find.

The week of the race the Dirty Dash sent an email out to all of the participants with the pre-race details. This email informed me that the mud gods thought I was too clean, and that they were out to get me. I won't lie, I got a little nervous-excited when I read that. The mud gods? This was gonna be a good race. Honestly, the best thing about the Dirty Dash is that everyone is just out there to have a good time. There is pretty much no hope for a PR when your shoes are caked in 5lbs of mud, so there is nothing to do but just dive in and have a good time. I am sure that I have said it here before, but one of my very favorite things about running is the camaraderie of the runners. Everyone is so upbeat and supportive. I guess that is what you get when you get several hundred, or even thousand, people who are high on endorphins together.

My trusted roommate Jessica came as out photographer and support team. She shared with us the most coveted bit of advice a dirty dasher can receive - the warm showers are more than worth the $4. We all opted to avoid the icy mountain run-off showers and opted for the pressure wash and hot water instead. It was a dream come true.

After the race we hit up The Hub for a late breakfast. It is a great little place in Heber that seemed to be the most delicious place I had ever eaten.  I felt that way about the place that we ate at the end of our relay. I have a feeling that may just be true for any place I eat after a long run.  It was delicious though, we had a great time. Good food, good friends, good mud. Who could ask for more? I am already looking forward to next year!


Karen Ella said...

Dude! Today, I was walking to class, and I saw a girl with a backpack with the SAME print on it that you have as your background!!!! I was like, where the heck have I seen this before? HAHHAAH! SO awesome!!! (Really, I thought, dang gina, that's a cute backpack!)

Tracy said...

I heart the Dirty Dash. It's a good time.

Heather said...

Oh, my word! that sounds like an absolute blast!! That is so awesome!!

Angie said...

I did the Dirty Dash too!! LOVED IT!!! I am also looking forward to running it again next year!