Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am Michael Scott. I am the world's best boss.

I love my job.

We do a lot of data entry, and as you may suppose it is one of the most boring tasks you could ever imagine. So, as my employees seemed as though they might be getting a little loopy from the tedium yesterday, we had a data entry entering contest. The Ambassadors had 15 minutes to enter as many cards as they could. I told them that at the end of those 15 minutes, the winner would receive a fabulous prize! They were weary of my sincerity, but I assured them that it was, in fact, a real and fabulous prize.

They entered cards furiously, when the 15 minutes had expired, we had a tie. Rock, paper scissors would determine the winner. Best two out of three saw Chris as the victor.

I told him that he had won. What was the fabulous prize? An all expenses paid the vending machine!! I held out a dollar, proudly displaying the FABULOUS prize that I had promised. Cheesy. I loved it. I think I am so funny. Funny, when everyone else just stared at me. Michael Scott moment. I felt like I was tossing out candy bars and hitting students in the head. Remember that one?

I really do love my office, later that afternoon we finally received our long-awaited Utah Valley University tablecloths. They came on sturdy cardboard rolls. I took the tablecloths off the rolls and held them up for all to see. I felt like someone on a Zest commercial from 1989. You know, "Zestfully, zestfully, zestfully clean." I was.

Point of the story is that after the tablecloths had been admired there were three cardboard rolls just sitting there. It was late in the day and we all needed a break, so I tossed them to my co-workers and we had an all out sword fight in our office. It was amazing, and it is also a surprisingly good workout. I would highly recommend it.