Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heather and Gunnar

My baby sister is all grown up and getting married! It is a little unbelievable, especially for those of us who still have a hard time seeing her any older than 16, but the countdown now stands at less then a month. June 12th is the date. It has all been a crazy whirlwind and I have a feeling that isl still going to be hard to believe once everything is said and done. Such is life. Little sisters are growing up all the time, and apparently that includes mine too.

Heather is marrying Gunnar Nelson. He is in the Navy and is stationed in Nevada. Heather moved out there a few months ago and is living with a very generous older couple in the area. They will be getting married here, and for that we are grateful. (Not that Reno isn't an extremely classy place) Anyway, Gunnar is a great kid. With him living in Nevada, I haven't been able to get to know him very well, but I did get to spend the better part of a Saturday with the happy couple a few weeks ago when we did their engagement photos. They are one very adorable and very goofy couple. We had a blast and the picture of them with the umbrella is my favorite one from the shoot.

Congratulations Heather and Gunnar!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hello. My name is Jennica Dorsey. I am prepared to die.

So, I am not sure what I am thinking, but I have signed up for my very first 5k. Now, this might not seem like a big deal for you, but this is coming from the girl who has always been the "artsy" one and certainly never the "athletic" one.

My sister and I will be attempting to run the Pony Express 5k in Eagle Mountain on June 6th. It is the easiest 5k in the state. I am scared to death. If you have any advice I would love to hear it. If you don't have any advice, I would appreciate your prayers.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Viva Mexico!

I love Americans. Americans love Mexico. (Excepting the Swine Flu, of course.) But that is beside the point! The point is that today is CINCO DE MAYO! It is a day when both Mexicans and Americans have the option of celebration the Battle of Puebla. (Celebrating the holiday is, in fact, optional in Mexico.) I am all about a holiday that is good enough to exist, but not good enough to mandate state and federal closures. I can celebrate and still get my mail? Yes, please.

So, I opt in on this Cinco of Mayo, and I don't just want to celebrate Puebla. I want to celebrate all things Mexican! Or maybe just all the things that Americans love about Mexico. Or maybe just all of the things that Americans have taken from Mexico and made their own. Yes, I think that will do just fine.

We will start with La Quinta. It means "The Fifth". Or if you are La Quinta's marketing team, it means anything you like. i.e. :

La Quinta, Spanish for: Cheap hotel with wireless internet, helpful people, and an indoor pool that is always heated to 79.2 degrees that is sometimes a good option if the Hampton is not available.

Amigos, Spanish for: Close friends that really like to hang out with each other and make funny jokes and sing songs and dance dances and tell each other their deepest secrets and fondest dreams.

Taco, Spanish for: Well, Spanish for Spanish. If you don't know any Spanish you can just say, "Taco! Burrito! I don't understand-o! And that's it. You know Spanish.

Stretchy Pants, Spanish for: Deep in our hearts we all wish that we were Catholic Luchadores.

Speedy Gonzalez, Spanish for: Anything. Quick, Classic, clever, classy, cliche. If "taco" fails you, just say, "Andele, andele, arriba, arriba."