Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Years!

Feliz Ano Nuevo! It has taken me almost a week to recover from ringing in the New Year! (and from some extensive dental work, but we won't talk about that )
Anyway, New Year's was great. We had a wild 2 1/2 day party unlike any New Year's party I have ever seen. All of the hullabaloo included:

Endless sparkly beverages
60 party guests
30 baggies of confetti (that subsequently ended up on the floor, in the cd player, in people shoes and every where else you might imagine confetti would go)
20 party poppers
16 noise makers
1 midnight breakfast
1 midnight showing of Star Trek
1 lovely morning of sleeping till 11:00am
1 fancy pants dinner with my first successful homemade pots de creme
2 mattresses that ended up in our front room for a giant slumby
2 more VERY classy movies: Tristan and Isolde and (no joke) Crossroads (the 2002 Britney Spears hit movie)
About 6 Food Network show episodes that kept us entertained in our catatonic morning state

Let me just say that if the first two days of 2010 are any indication of the year to come, I am going to have one very stellar year!